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Music is an innate artistic expression of all humanity which has the ability to transform and empower the lives of youth, families and communities.

About us

Music cafe is a total package of music based on Nilambur founded on 16th June 2016, On the Music Day, With an aim to reach the people who are passionate about music of an opportunity to access it build lack of resources. Music cafe endevours to be the vanguard of providing music education of the highest calibre their journey to higher levels in the music industry. We emphasize on discovery. educating and empowering those in the realm of music by equipping them with prease skills necessary to achieve excellence in musical expression. We seek to provide musical instruments and related accessories at an affordable cost, a platform for composing, World class music and a touch of rythm to all the events that we weave. Altogether music cafe is an A-Z package of music discipline.


MC Store offers a varied product mix that includes student band instruments, practicing musicians guitars and percussion instruments. along with microphones and other performance -related products and all these within an affordable price. MC store also offers second hand instruments at a reasonable price.

  • CD (Audio,Video)
  • Books
  • Sale of Musical Instruments
  • Music Instruments Accessories.
  • Second hand sales of Music Instruments
Our Courses

Sound Engineering

Sound engineering has always remained a key factor in the overall appeal of a film since it affects the auditory sense quite prominently. It’s a fast changing and highly evolved area in cinema with enormous opportunities for future. 


Musical Instruments Course

Music is beneficial in more ways than you can imagine. It helps with coordination, memory, concentration and a whole lot of other skills. Music has no age barrier and can be picked up at any age. 


Music Crash Course

Music, or musicology is the art of combining sounds, represented as musical notes, in a succession or simultaneously in an aesthetically pleasant and rhythmical form and the integration of these aspects in a complete piece. Music uses musical instruments or the human voice to create art.


Trainings For Competition

Music is divided in genres that are characterised by similar melody, harmonic, rhythmic, form, orchestration, literary text where applicable and other compositional aspects. 



MC School offers programs of study in performance and composition dedicated to enriching lives through music education and performance. We believe that sharing music with others enhances lives by offering people the best experience and means to express their musical passions. We believe in the Importance of enriching lives with the art of music. Therefore, MC School seeks to increase the accessibility of music education providing training by experienced faculties.

Classes on

Saturday (4.30pm to 6.30pm) (Supporting Classes)

Sunday (2.30pm to 4.30pm) (Master Classes)


Recording studios are where the magic happens in the music business. Regardless of the music we listen to, the media we use or the location we choose, what we hear has been tempered first and foremost by the technology used to record iot and the technical and aesthtic decisions made in the studio. MC studio is equipped with highly defined instruments providing high quality service in music recording. MC studio in house production facility capable of handling an array of recording projects , this include. 
Music Production
Background scoring
Event hire & live record


Looking for a spectacular way to add drama and flare to your next events? Here at Music Cafe we work to weave entertainment of extreme variety. We endeavour to ensure the best experience out of your special day. We aim at keeping the momentum going with an electric atmosphere to create a dream day for you. Whether looking you are looking to spice up your birthday party or large festival night, let us do the headturn and make your next event something to remember.

We undertake:

Personal events
Corporte events
Music workshops
Record attempts
Live music concerts

Our Projects Our Proud

School of Music

School of Music

Our mission is to equip you with all the knowledge and expertise you need to turn your musical passion into a successful career.


Here you will find all about our extremely talented and professional faculty, industry inspired facilities, world-class courses,


everything you need to take your first step into a future of musical possibilities we look forward to welcoming you.


To help you choose the instrument that’s right for you, many of our products feature unbiased reviews from Musician’s Friend customers who have first-hand knowledge of the gear you’re interested in.


Upcoming events, meetups & concerns



Summer Music Crash Course - 2020

April 06 to 29

LEAD College of Management

Dhoni, Palakad

23 Days Fully Residential Training Program

Classes For:-
Music Technology

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